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Cocktails at home

ready to drink cocktails at home - vokini

Ready-to-drink cocktails have turned living rooms into bars during lockdown. With the ‘new normal’ looking to be here for many more months to come there’s no better time to turn to ‘at-home cocktail culture’.

If you’re not traditionally a cocktail drinker Vokini offers a way of trying a cocktail without worrying about wasting a specialty liqueur or ingredient (which anyone who has a dusty, open bottle of hazelnut liqueur or flavored vodka in their cabinet can appreciate). With more time at home, you’re probably also looking to go outside your comfort zones and trying new.

“The cocktail-culture-come-home really gives you the opportunity to experiment without having to commit.”

As a refreshing aperitif, you can serve Vokini Spritz chilled over ice or use as an effortlessly elegant way to spritz up your cocktails.

“There’s something about drinking a cocktail that makes one feel civilized and we think that’s a particularly reassuring feeling during the time of a global pandemic.”

Vokini – Ready to Drink Cocktails at Home, without the fuss.