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World Martini Day

Vokini World Martini Day

It’s time to raise a glass to one of the world’s most popular cocktails, as June 19th marks World Martini Day.

Do you drink yours shaken or stirred?

The much-loved drink is made by mixing vodka (or gin) with dry white vermouth, ice and added garnishes, such as lemon zest or olives.

The chosen vice of a rather famous fictional secret agent, the classic martini became a staple after James Bond’s catchphrase “shaken, not stirred” was first uttered in the 1964 Goldfinger film.

But it’s remained popular since then. In 2019, a dry martini was one of the 10 best-selling cocktails in the world, according to top bartenders around the globe.

What’s the difference between a dry and wet martini, you may ask? The amount of vermouth you use. The more there is, the “wetter” the drink is, the less there is, the “drier” the drink.