Hand made Small Batch Premium Gin, Vodka and Rum lovingly distilled in the heart of Altrincham, Cheshire.

So just who and what is Vokini?

With history dating back to the last century, the brand Vokini developed from a hobby and a passion in 2020 to a bespoke distillery producing handmade small batch Artisan Gins Vodkas and Rums.

2020 was certainly a year of change and the start of the dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic, resulting in many people having more time to develop ideas, knowledge and dreams into reality. 

With the chain of coffee and sandwich shops closed, the decision was taken by Marta and Dom to open the distillery at the premises in the centre of Altrincham Cheshire, to produce Artisan Spirits.

Having a hobby doesn’t always guarantee the knowledge was sound, so Marta and Dom embarked on extensive training and support from an established and award winning York based Artisan distiller. With this help, Gin began to flow just before Christmas at 127 George Street Altrincham.

Early in 2021, with most retail businesses still closed, Bap Altrincham became the retail arm of the Vokini brand, where customers could purchase the spirits to take home.

From late March 2021 seating allowed eager customers the ability to enjoy unique handmade Gins and Vodkas on the licensed premises.