Our passion to create a range of refreshing ready to drink cocktail spritzers was born whilst travelling.

The 4 people behind Vokini are two husband and wife combos; Dom and Marta; Rik and Claire. We have travelled Europe together on several road-trips, taking us on exciting journeys to soak up the sights, smells, cultures and tastes from small alpine villages to cosmopolitan cities alike.

It was on a hot summer day in 2019 celebrating Dom and Marta’s wedding in Poland, when the vodka was flowing, that we all agreed we should ‘do something drinks related together’. Granted we’d all been sampling the local vodka, but the idea was right, as were the people involved.

With Marta being Polish, vodka was our obvious starting point for this ‘liquid journey’. We then drew inspiration from our time in Italy leading us to Vermouth as our second key ingredient.

Over the next few months work started on our recipes, with Claire and Marta at the forefront of this, thinking about how flavours combine, and how they lined up with past travel experiences.

After much experimenting and tasting the secret to getting the perfect alcoholic seltzer blend into a bottle was… having fun making it and enjoying the entire experience – some of our flavours have turned out to be as eclectic as the people who make them!

In the background Dom and Rik worked on how to actually make this drink work, and bring it to market. “Vodka and Vermouth, that’s a Martini, so surely we have ‘Vokini’ here don’t we” said Dom jokingly. And so Vokini was born.

We built our ‘fizz factory’ in Altrincham, Cheshire – a place where we blend our hand-picked ingredients with Lake District sourced water, then fill it all full of fizz. It’s not quite Willy Wonka but our carbonator puts millions of bubbles into every drink to produce easy sipping, ready to drink cocktails, with flavours that dance on your tongue.

There you have it, Vokini.

Retro ingredients reinvented by friends to be enjoyed by you and your friends.