Once upon a time……A young Polish lady, Marta, turned 18 in a beautiful village outside Krakow.

While not a drinker of alcohol, many of her friends were and although vodka was the preferred tipple, many found the taste too harsh. 

Ever the inventor Marta found in the back of a cupboard a bottle of Martini mixed the Vodka with Martini, added fruit flavours and tonic water. Her friends loved the drink and it turned into the usual 18th birthday party of the nineties…… 

20 years passed and Marta now with a growing boy, Tomek, found her knight in shining armour in the North West of the UK, Altrincham to be precise.

Returning to Poland in 2019 they married in a surprise ceremony on the terrace of Marta and Tomek’s house, Gorski Widok, back in the same village Marta had her 18th birthday party all those years ago.

Her old friends reminded her about the amazing drink of her 18th and Marta asked the cocktail bar tender to make the same, with slightly improved ingredients. Again everyone loved it, Polish and English alike and her new husband, Dom, named it ‘Vokini’

Encouraged by the response from her wedding guests Marta took the idea back to the UK and set up a production facility within her other business Bap, to manufacture Vokini.

The story continues as now Gin is the choice of many, and Marta again was encouraged to blend together her secret ingredients with Gin, and so Ginkini was born. After successfully trying both Vokini and Ginkini on staff (over 18’s only obviously) family and friends both are available at selected outlets (including selected Bap stores) and of course on line here at Vokinidrinks.com.

Both Vokini and Ginkini are easy sipping cocktails ready mixed and ready to enjoy, without the hassle of buying loads of different ingredients.

In 6 amazing flavours, Vokini and Ginkini are a premium cocktail spritzer loved cold over ice. With ABV of 5% they are the perfect accompaniment to a night out (or in with Covid-19) with friends family.

There you have it, Vokini.

Retro ingredients reinvented by friends to be enjoyed by you and your friends.