Aperitivo Culture

What is Apertive Culture - Vokini Drinks

While many casual drinkers have an aversion to vermouth, we’ve found that the taste of a simple vermouth spritz can change their mind. “People love them, they can drink vermouth without having to be scared of the word vermouth.”

Straightforward, low-proof, carbonated: Vermouth seemed like a perfect candidate for a bottled cocktail.

Vokini is portabale, easy-to-drink and consumer friendly. Convenience and accessibility are, in a way, the whole point.

“Our ready-to-drink cocktails shouldn’t be a cerebral experience, we want to introduce people to a style of aperitivo that they might not create on their own—with interesting flavours but not something they have to think too hard about.”

At Vokini our challenge was to create a straightforward drink with widespread appeal that meets the higher standards of today’s spirits-savvy consumers.  We like to think we’ve achieved that – give it a try, you’ll be surprised about your reaction to Vermouth, and won’t ever pull your face again when the word is mentioned.

Spritzes are an excellent gateway to aperitivo culture.